Dr Denaro

Dr. Abbey Denaro of Denaro Chiropractic in North Reading will be presenting about chiropractic care for pregnancy and pediatrics. You will learn what common conditions would benefit from chiropractic care. She specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics, which means that a woman in any stage of pregnancy can be adjusted and a baby is never too young to be checked for spinal misalignment. She will also show examples of adjustments on a pregnant woman and a baby.

Oh Baby

Oh Baby! Fitness  classes are fun, baby wearing  dance fitness classes designed for New moms (dads too!) and their non-mobile babies.🏽

Come rock out and get fit with your little one.

Mini Movers

 Mini Movers Studio Caregiver and Me Movement Class 

The class for the youngest Mini Movers and their caregivers! Little ones will be introduced to movement and music while working on gross motor skills. Adult and child will follow along with the instruction of the class. This is a great class to introduce your little one to dance while developing skills such as listening, taking turns and enhancing social interaction!  *Recommended ages 1.5-3, but other ages are welcomed with Caregiver!

Gentle Giraffes

Newborn Care Specialists

  Your Newborn Manual

With so many choices, it can be overwhelming for parents-to-be to prepare for their baby’s arrival and several months after. Having a Newborn Care Specialist is a lifesaver, plus an investment for the future well being of your whole family. Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care & Family Services provides the answers to all your questions while eliminating guesswork and boosting confidence. 

 Well Rested Baby

Busting Baby Sleep Myths 

There are many misconceptions regarding baby sleep such as the ever popular advice, keeping a baby up later will help them sleep longer or rice cereal improves sleep duration.  Join Ashley Chanter Rizzo, Director of Well Rested Baby, as she debunks the top 10 baby sleep myths, leaving you more informed to better manage your newborn’s sleep.  With the right information you can ensure extra rest not only for baby, but for you too!