Expert Speakers for our 

January 31st, 2021 

Virtual Expo  

  Introducing Baby's First Foods


         Are you getting ready to start your baby on "real food"? This is an exciting milestone for parents, your baby can sit with you now and eat! You might be confused about some of the different advice out there. Are purees best? Should I try Baby-Led Weaning? When do I start a cup? What is nutritionally best for my little one, and our lifestyle? This talk will give you a great overview of where to start and a few of the key things to remember!  

Speakers: Laurie Oesterle and Lauren Gaudet, owners of The Baby Mavens and CLCS


 How awesome are Newborn Stem Cells


Join Kerry from CBR (cord blood registry) for a 20 minute information session to learn about the benefits of preserving your baby's newborn stem cells; including the 80 diseases treatable with cord blood and cord tissue, advancements in areas such as autism, and questions on COVID-19 during pregnancy". Special EVENT ONLY pricing will be offered!

 Babies and Babbling 


 Alison from Kidspeak Therapy located in North Reading. In this presentation you will learn about how your baby communicates with you, how to engage with them and tips to promote early language development.

Sleeping Tips for Pregnancy 


Dr Abbey Denaro

Sleeping during Pregnancy-Chiropractic Tips on Sleeping Positions and Pillows to help with discomfort and re-flux.


 Physical Postpartum Healing


Dr. Blair Evanosky is a physical therapist and owner of Pregnancy and Postpartum PT. She specializes in orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy.  Join her as she discusses physical healing post-birth.  Attendees will learn how to aide their recovery as well as some tips for returning to exercise. 


 Safe Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Newborn sleep is sporadic, but it's never too early to set healthy sleep habits.

Join Jensine owner of Baby O and I as she helps to you to navigate newborn sleep patterns.



 Breastfeeding  Basics


Casey DeYoung, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC, IBCLC  owner of Motina Lactation will be discussing importance of skin to skin after delivery, key signs of a good latch vs. bad latch, breastfeeding positions, tips to deepen a shallow latch, and some pumping basics.

 Why should you hire a birth doula?


       Are you considering hiring a birth doula for your labor and birth? Are you unsure how they can help you, or why you even need one? This video from The Birth Mavens will help you understand how a birth doula can support you and your partner! Doulas are for every birth, every pregnancy, and every birthing person who wants to have the support of a trained, experienced, compassionate, and loving professional during their labor and birth. Doulas are evidence based care. Evidence shows that they improve outcomes for birthing people, their babies, and their partners and help families get off to a safer, healthier, happier start. Healthy mom. Healthy baby. Healthy partner. 

 Sensory Play for Babies and Toddlers


Don’t forget about baby!

All children, regardless of age, are naturally curious about the world around them.  While sensory exploration at this age (0-3) looks a little different from that of an older child, it still shares all of the same benefits. Babies and young toddlers are naturally curious about the world around them and learn by doing and seeing. Once you provide the activity, it’s time to play, interact and engage! This is where the magic of sensory play really starts. Creating a safe, sensory experience for your baby or toddler may seem like a daunting (or scary!) task, but it doesn’t need to be!  Join us as we discuss general sensory development, and the many tips and tricks to introducing baby to the wonderful world of sensory play. 

"Diastasis Recti Debunked – and what this means for you!"


There’s a sea of information available out there about Diastasis Recti – where do you start? We are seeing an overwhelming overload of information, causing much confusion and fear, as some of the information is inaccurate. The problem is, there isn’t ONE best strategy for every single mom out there – learning and knowing how your body responds to movement and external loads being placed on it, is your strategy. Can you prevent Diastasis during pregnancy? Will a corset or waist trainer help heal Diastasis? Diastasis is all about the width? With so much information, let me debunk some myths, to help guide you through both pregnancy and postpartum, feeling more confident and empowered, with ideas and support that may work for you.  

Infant Massage

How and why you should do it


Have you heard about baby massage? Have you ever wondered why a newborn baby would need massage? Massage is as beneficial for babies- as much, if not more than it is for adults! Massage can help with sleep, gas, colic, growing and teething pains, and bonding time with caregivers, and much more. Tune in to learn all about the benefits of massage for your baby and watch a demonstration on how you can do this right in your own home!

Stina and Mae

Why organic is important and the journey to making sustainable products. 
Let's talk about why organic is important for babies and take a behind the scenes look at what it takes to create organic baby products in the midst of a pandemic.